Dralion in Tokyo

Alan is in Japan for 18 months with the Cirque du Soleil show Dralion. You can follow his Nippon experiences in his blog here

Alan in Tokyo Dralion Lion Poster

The show opened this week in Tokyo after months of set-up and rehearsal, including the installation of earthquake sensing equipment to keep the audiences, crew and artists safe. Most of the shows are sold-out already, and the show schedule runs out to June 2008:

Tokyo: Wednesday February 7th 2007 – Sunday May 6 2007 (122 shows)
Sendai: Wednesday May 23rd 2007 – Sunday July 8th 2007 (63 shows)
Osaka: Wednesday July 25th 2007 – Sunday October 14th 2007 (111 shows)
Nagoya: Wednesday October 31st 2007 – Sunday January 6th 2008 (93 shows)
Tokyo 2: Friday January 25th 2008 – Sunday April 6th 2008 (105 shows)
Fukuoka: Wednesday April 23rd 2008 – Sunday June 15th 2008 (75 shows)

As in the past we keep in-touch via Skype video-conferencing, and it’s great to hear (and see him!), his stories and experiences.

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