On ‘us Own

Neil hit the road big time this week, as he moves to LAS VEGAS!
Visiting Vegas in January with Big Bruv Alan for a few days R&R they met up with their friends, one of whom commenced to recruiting Neil to his company’s workforce, based in Vegas. He’ll be selling Mortgages in the US’s fastest-growing city, and we’re all confident he’ll do well at it.
So, he packed all that he needed into his Audi A4 and headed west Monday morning, the three of us in tears as he did so. We support him 100% of course but are sad to see him go. He’s sooooo close with Lynne and has become a good flying-buddy of mine. I’ll miss our political discussions and taunting of Bush and the boys. Hopefully skype-ing will fill the void somewhat, and I’ll have to learn to write more complete emails. As I write he’s approaching Tulsa Oklahoma, having already covered some 1,270 miles, he’s just short of the half-way mark. Snow blizzards slowed him somewhat but he tells me he tucked-in behind a line of snow plow’s and has now safely cleared the worst of the snow, reward enough for investing in the all-wheel drive Audi.
Here’s Neils route. He hopes to be there Thursday or Friday, and starts his training (in Atlanta!) next week.
Neil has a beautiful apartment waiting for him, pool and gym in the complex and adjacent to the mountains out there.
Now we’re on ‘us own. Oh well.

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