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Alan – Japan

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

Just ’skyped’ with Alan, he’s getting ready for the next leg of the tour – Japan

Spencer & Jackson

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

For a 13 year-old English Lab Spencer is doing very well. He’s active, always eager to go on walks or to play and he gets on so well with Jackson, the pup (at 15 months), his close buddy. Thirteen makes him in his mid-eighties, when compared to us.

IMG_1834 IMG_1893 IMG_2714

Recently he has gone totally deaf and for some time he’s developed small bumps and lumps in many areas of his torso, all of which are thankfully benign. He needs to be helped upstairs and sleeps extra soundly and deeply. He’s as pleasant as ever and continues to be one-in-a-million canine companion for us all. The medication he’s on have helped perk him up and increased his activity level and he can be seen breaking into a run on occasions. He still collects the newspaper from the end of our driveway, though the Sunday editions – with the added weight of all the adverts, inserts etc – are just too much.

Mention the ‘T’ word (treat) and you’ll have his full attention. Mention ‘Paper’ or ‘Letters’ and he’ll make a dash for the end of the driveway, or the mailbox. We think he’s lip-reading.

Jackson is, well – he’s a pup. He’s really well behaved, very obedient (for a pup) and very cute. His expressions are hilarious, he’s interested in anything and everything. He loves to run and is very, very fast. He has a liking for sticks, twigs and brances and wont return from a jaunt up the garden without one or many. He’s built up quite a collection of twigs and branches.
He found the pool this summer and spent many a happy hour cruising around, jumping in for footballs and anything that floats. Both he and Spencer loved to cool off with a quick circuit of the pool or, in Spencers case, soaking his undercarraige by dozing on the pools steps in about foot of water.

The keep us entertained and are fabulous friends and companions.

Cirrus Training & Familiarisation

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

Part 2 – flying the plane! Had a tough but enjoyable and rewarding day’s training, flying the aircraft over Long Island and New York state. I’m really pleased with the Cirrus, it’s fast and loaded with top-line equiment and functions that would be seen on any jet. Putting all this together, in the right sequence and to complete the task at hand is the goal!

Some good photos of J and my flight up to and over NY, and back to N57:

IMG_2596 IMG_2599 IMG_2600 IMG_2623 IMG_2613