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Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Enough of this Nonsense!

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Enough already! 25 to 30 inches of snow fell Friday night into Saturday. What a mess. The Delaware State Governor ordered all cars to stay off roads and declared a state of emergency. Bloody nuisance and with more snow projected for Tuesday and Wednesday this is not going to end soon.

I left Argentina on Friday evening (10 hour flight) not knowing if we would land at JFK because of the blizzard. There was just light snow in NYC, so all ok. But on the Amtrak train south the depth just kept building. Amtrak did a great job keeping their service running and I got to Wilmington. The station was open but buried in snow. Dragged my laundry (suitcase) to the office, to collect my car.Despite it being unlawful I drove the Audi home. The car was just fabulous, just perfect for such conditions (unplowed streets, snow banks). TheĀ Q7’s power and all-the-time-four-wheel-drive payed dividends – she handled it so well! I dropped my buddy Pat at his house, the set out for home. Valley Road was unplowed and I followed a Power Company truck’s tracks and just kept moving. The Q7 climbed the Meeting House Hill without problems – yeh!

I got to Foxmeadow, which had been lightly plowed, and to my driveway – which hadn’t. I got the car off the street but with the depth of snow I couldn’t get further up the driveway. Lynne and I had to dig it out later in the day, no big deal as the snow was light.

Hopefully today Foxmeadow will be cleaned-up, and my driveway too. Our plow-chappie promises he’ll be later. He needs to – I have a conference in Connecticut to get to tomorrow!