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Great Sounds…and from a friend

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

“Dream Again” marks Ms. Anel’s first recording as co-producer and she is joined by her bassist, Cooke Harvey as the other half of this creative effort. Mr. Harvey’s impeccable bass stylings and arrangements make this joint effort the perfect collaboration”. Jim Eigo, Jazz Promo Services

Our close friend, fellow-vacationer and all-round good egg Cooke H has joined forces with Miss Lil Anel in producing some stunning music and performances. Many musicians do the former but fail or don’t even attempt at the latter. We saw this duo (and friends) in action at the release of their ‘Dream Again’ co-production in Philadelphia this week, at the World Cafe. I’d enjoyed a preview issue of the CD, and liked it a lot. But the live rendition of their recordings was just that – live, alive, in-your-face, full, vibrant, delivered so well.
Cooke’s bass-ing was soooo original, suiting Lil’s music and great songs, interpreted through every style of bass playing, including fretless, tapping, sliding – everything, often providing the lead. His solo accompanying of Lil was haunting, soulful. Lead guitar came from the hands, head and face of Dave, working successfully per song with Lil on the complex and intricate songs. Lil performs with an earnest fullness and even overcame my only disquiet of the CD – the ‘Wallet’ track (I don’t like folks pressing religion).

It was a memorable night, and to see our good friend ‘up-there’ doing his thing, and doing it so well – wow!

Winter – Wot Winter?

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

With a beautiful day and temperatures in the high 60’s (20c) we’re beginning to wonder if winter will ever make an appearance on the Eastern seaboard of the US. I had diligently put the marker stakes down the driveway to guide the snowplow and to try to stop him hair-cutting my lawn. They seem out of place and silly now. The buckets of rock-salt I moved close to the garage doors ready for the annual covering of ice in front of the garage remain unopened and the snow-blower (which is really fun to use) stands primed and ready, but unused.

So far this season has yet to start and we’re enjoying Fall and Spring-like temperatures and sunny days. House windows are open, home heating is idling. I even did some gardening today, putting some grass-seed down today, in the hope taking care of the too frequent bald patches. The dogs are benefiting too, enjoying longer and more frequent walks.

Of course North East Skiing resorts are being hurt badly. No natural snow thus far and costs of blowing snow are horrendous when it just disappears overnight.

We’ll enjoy it while we can. It’s unlikely to last but it does shorten what are often too long (for me at least) winters. Yippee!