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Spencer at 101

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Spencer in Snow.JPG

This past week saw Spencer’s 15th birthday come and go. The chart on the wall in his vets office says he’s the equivalent of 101 human years old. The event passed without a telegram from Her Majesty but with much reminiscing on our part.

He joined us just two years after we’d moved to the US. We were still decorating, furnishing, discovering. He immediately added a lot to our daily lives, as he has done since – each and every day.

He’s now deaf and his sight is somewhat limited, his bodyline showing the lumps and bumps of his age. What he lacks in these areas he makes up in character and determination. He takes long walks everyday, always anxious to be part of the family team. Jackson (young’n) displays a good deal of respect and reverence for his mentor and very good friend. They are the best of chums, delighted to be in each others company – which says a lot for both.


We keep wondering, with increasing concern, if this is Spencer’s last summer with us. So far he hasn’t shown any interest in leaving us, quite the opposite. He and we have had a great time together, long may it last.