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Leaving Philly

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Lynne just departed Philly this evening, en-route to see her mum, and a brief vacation/holiday in Southport. I watched her flight depart, right/middle on the display below, USAir734, an Airbus 333 at 12500 feet and climbing at 417 knots, en-route to EGCC-Manchester UK.

Miss you already Lynn-ie!! Hey – take care of her over there!


“Worlds Smallest Tail-Dragger Fly-In”

Saturday, July 19th, 2008


An aviation friend – Hugh H – hosts a fly-in of tail-dragger airplanes to his Chesapeake Bay-side home in Maryland. I’ve been delighted to have been invited for a few years now. So, with buddy Bill K in the back, flew the 78 miles south in the Citabria 76ML and joined a colourful selection of aviation history (both pilots and their craft) for lunch, good company in this breathtakingly stunning part of this beautiful country. Thanks again Hugh and Marge!

Hugh and ex-airline stewardess Marge host a wonderful event they call “Worlds Smallest”. Small in aircraft count maybe, but huge in everyone’s memories lucky enough to participate.

Tail-draggers – so called ‘cos that’s what they do. The drag their arses around the place on a small tailwheel. They are more challenging to deal with, with great care necessary in take-offs and even more so in landings, and taxi-ing. They are very susceptible to the wind and need constant attention, until safety hangared. The alternate and majority of aircraft wheel configurations are tri-cycle, with the leading wheel at the front of the airframe – easy!

IMG_6813.JPG IMG_6818.JPG



Nice video from Lucky of his approach and landing here:

Neil – Citabria Flying

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Nice video, edited and published by Neil showing he and I flying the Citabria last year, viewable here


G’day Mate

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Alan and Cirque land in Aussie


Dralion Australian tour dates:

Sydney – Opens July 16, 2008
Canberra – Opens October 23, 2008
Brisbane – Opens November 27, 2008
Perth – Opens January 28, 2009
Melbourne – Opens April 9, 2009

Low and Slow over PA

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Lynne got a ride with Roger today, flying low and slow in his Piper Cub over the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside.


IMG_6777.JPG IMG_6782.JPG